This is where you will discover the lost art of Cheppum Panthum.


An ancient Indian traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls

exists that very few eyes have ever seen. This traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls is considered truly indigenous to Kerala, India, where it is known as Cheppum Panthum.


Cheppum Panthum has been one of the best kept secrets in magic. For hundreds, perhaps, thousands, of years the traditional methods used in performing Cheppum Panthum have been taught only through the oral tradition, handed down from mentor to disciple and conserved under a strict vow of secrecy. Stringent adherence to secrecy and the lack of any written records has caused this traditional Hindu version of performing the Cups and Balls to languish in obscurity. It truly has become a lost art.


This is the first time the correct tools for performing Cheppum Panthum are being offered and all the work is being accurately and thoroughly explained.


I am dedicated to keeping Cheppum Panthum still alive.

You are welcome to join me in preserving, perpetuating and evolving it.


Join the Cheppum Panthum revolution!


Gary Kosnitzky


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